Unbelievably Believable

 If you are looking for a different type of presentation or a change in pace from your normal church / ministry activities, Todd Smith is your answer!  Todd has years of experience with all age groups performing & speaking at youth conferences & other Christian-gatherings.  As a matter of fact, this is his specialty. Todd has worked events all across the south with many other Christian artists such as 'Phil Wickham' / Christian bands ' Zealand Worship', 'Liberty Worship Collective' & 'Finding Favor',  / Christian Hip Hop & R&B artist 'Flame', 'Big Al Cherry' , & many more!

   Todd gave his life to Christ at the young age of 11. He grew up in a Christian home & went to church almost every Sunday & Wednesday nights. Todd also started practicing magic at an early age, when he got his first trick. As he grew older & learned more about illusion, deception, & the power of influence,  he developed a way of thinking different than most kids his age. Todd learned that seeing is not always believing & that things are not always as they seem to be. Because of this, Todd became a skeptical person.  He says 'to be a successful magician or illusionist,  you must first be able to lead your audience to 'assume' what they are seeing or hearing is real. Todd began to have doubts about his faith & it led him to troubling questions; Had he been only 'assuming' Christianity was true? Was Jesus Christ really who he said he was? Is the Bible true & reliable?  Todd set out to look for any real evidence to find the answers to these questions.  Todd says if you are questioning the reliability of anything, you should always search for the truth in it. That is exactly what he did.  During an in depth 'investigation', Todd discovered something called 'Christian Apologetics'. He found overwhelming evidence that reassured him beyond a reasonable doubt in his faith in Jesus Christ & the reliability of the Holy Bible. He says there is evidence from the creation of the universe, to the life death & resurrection of Jesus. Todd says you should never 'assume' something is true or false. The evidence is everywhere & you should always follow it where it leads.     

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1 Peter 3:15       Romans 1:18-24 

Christian Illusionist Mentalist Magician Entertainer Todd Smith
Christian Illusionist Mentalist Magician Entertainer Todd Smith


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